Top Ten Rejected Diamond Slogans


Before Diamond went with the more classy and professional "Extra Heavy. Extra Strong." slogan, we kicked around some other ideas (pun intended). Here they are for your enjoyment!

10. Keeping your Berries Out of a Jam

9.   Crushed Nuts are for Ice Cream

8.   Diamond MMA: Like Fort Knox for Your Manhood

7.   Protecting Millions of Potential Children

6.   Your Family Jewels Need Diamonds

5.   MMA Fighters: Don't Drop the Ball! Wear Diamond!

4.   Keep Your Eggs from Getting Scrambled! Diamond!

3.   Diamond: Making a Kick in the Nuts like a Firm Handshake!

2.   Before You go to War, put your Soldier in a Tank! Diamond.

1.   It's not Junk to Us! Diamond.

Let us know which is your favorite and suggest some of your own. Tweet to founder Craig Diamond @diamondmma and you may receive a free Diamond "package!"

Brian Witlin
Brian Witlin


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