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DIAMOND Announces Product Line Expansion and Revised Price Points

Posted by Susan Diamond on

Immediate Release                                                                                                                    March 1, 2013


DIAMOND Announces Product Line Expansion and Revised Price Points


Chicago, IL— DIAMOND of Northbrook, IL is preparing to launch an expanded product line to include the Diamond 4-Strap Sports Jock. The 4-Strap Jock will maintain the high standard to safety and stability that the Diamond brand is known for. The Jock will incorporate the patent-pending 4-strap technology of the Diamond Jock and Compression Short System in a more standard athletic support format. The pouch for the athletic cup is fitted for the same high impact Diamond Cup that comes with the Jock and Compression Short System, allowing transfer between the support systems for varied sports and activities.


The product line expansion, along with the success of increased sales leading to higher-volume streamlined production processes, has allowed DIAMOND MMA to pass cost savings down to its retailers and customers. The expanded product line will include revised pricing for all products, including lower points of entry for all athletes to benefit from the Diamond brand’s renowned level of protection.


DIAMOND ( produces a high impact athletic cup worn in a patent-pending integrated jock and compression short system. This groin protection system is raising the standards in safety, comfort, and mobility for athletes across all contact sports.





Craig Diamond
CEO / Founder

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