Welcome to the Diamond MMA 


We're so excited to have you. 

We created this program so that athletes, coaches, gym owners, influencers, or anyone with an audience could share their love for Diamond MMA products and in exchange earn a commission back on the orders they send our way. 

This will be your guide to everything you need to know about the program and how to find everything you need to be successful. And if you ever need anything or have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our team at info@diamondmma.com and we will get back to you right away. 

First off, make sure you add info@diamondmma.com to your address book in your email to ensure you get our emails--we'll make sure to notify you about any sales, new products, etc so that you can share it with your network. 

Next, make sure to join our private Facebook group. We'll also share info and announcements in the group. 


The ambassador will either share the brand’s content or create original content to share on their (the ambassadors) social media accounts. 

When the brand has a new campaign, makes an announcement, has new arrivals, attends an event, etc. the ambassador will share the news on their social media accounts as well as share the news via other channels discussed earlier. 

Ambassadors will share the brand with their friends, family, coworkers, etc. It should be noted that we will never ask you to shove every new announcement in your friends and family’s faces as we understand that this can be annoying for the other parties involved. We just like to include this if the scenario ever arises that would make it comfortable and appropriate to share the brand’s content in these instances. 

Ambassadors will be given discount codes to share with others. This way we can give new customers a deal and we can keep track of who is influencing the most sales. 

The ambassador may be asked to post content including the brand’s products. For instance, if a new product was just released, we may ask you to include the product in a picture and post it to social media with designated hashtags. 

Ambassadors may be asked to purchase the brand’s products occasionally for use in promotional photos and for representing the brand by wearing/using the products. We realize that this costs the ambassador so we have created a few benefits to offset these costs. They will be discussed on the next page. 

Along with the above-mentioned tasks, there may be new ones that arise if they are needed.


  • 10% Commissions on every ordered referred to the Diamond MMA website. 

  • Recognition on Diamond MMA's social media and website

  • Reposts/mentions/tags of your social media

  • Ability to be involved in other aspects of the business such as writing blog posts, sharing ideas, helping with email campaigns, and attending events, if applicable

  • One time use discount code for 20% off of everything in the store


When someone clicks on one of your links, even if they don't buy right then, there is a cookie attached to them. You will still get credit for sending that purchase our way and receive your commission if they come back and buy within the next 30 days.


Payments are sent during the first week of the month for the previous month's commissions. Payments are paid out via Paypal. Please make sure the Paypal email in your account is correct. 


main dashboard

1. Referral Link: Link used to refer customers to the Diamond MMA website. This will track all sales when used.

2. Personalized Referral Link: Want something easy to remember? Now you can have your own personalized referral link. Diamondmma.com/YOURNAME

3. Current Commission: Know your current commission level. If you click the more option you will be able to see the commission scale. 

4. Leads: Total number of people who have used your referral link to visit the store. 

5. Revenue: Total revenue of direct sales referred by you. 

6. Total Commission: Total amount of commission earned from sales referred by you.

7. Pending Commission: Total commission currently owed to you from recent sales referred by you.

commissions tab

View your commission history in detail. You can see when the order was place, the order number, customer name, the total sale amount, how much commission was earned and it the commission has been paid out yet or not.


You can find your standard link on your main dashboard. 


Use a unique QR code to refer more customers. 


You can find a full library of photos, videos, logos, and more for you to use to share about Diamond MMA by clicking the link below. 

watch a video of how to navigate the asset library: 

read instructions on how to navigate the asset library: 

Diamond MMA asset library

When you open the asset library, you will first see all of the assets it contains. There are two ways to filter the assets. 

1. We have created collections for you that you can see along the left menu. Here you can see collections of assets based on things like pros, products, cup checks, and more. 

2. There is a search bar at the top that allows you to search all of the assets. This also works if you are within a collection, and allows you to search within a collection. Further explanation of the search is below: 

Diamond MMA asset library search function
You can put any text into the search box, and it will automatically search all fields for that text. For example, you can search by a pro's name or a product name. 

You can also click the little icon on the right side and bring up advanced search options. This will allow you to narrow the options of what you search, allow you to select which types of assets you are searching for (photos, videos, etc), or filter by date uploaded or changed. You can also choose not to see any assets that we have marked as restricted for any reason. 

When you open up an individual asset, you will automatically first see the information about the asset. The main information you might want/need can be found:

1. Under creator info, you will find any info about who would need to be credited for the image. It will have the creator's name, social media handle, a link to the original post, the original caption, and the original post date (if available). 

2. Under GPS and map, you can find GPS coordinates and a map of where the photo was taken, if available. 

3. Comments tab: 

If you are viewing an asset and there is anything that you need to communicate to us in regards to it, you can leave a comment on the asset and it will notify us directly. Go to the comments tab and change the name to your name and add whatever comment you need, and it will come directly to the Diamond MMA team. 

4. Download tab: 

To download an asset, click the download tab and the download popup will appear. This will allow you to choose the format you would like to download the asset in, and the quality and size that you would like to download it in. Please make sure to check the creator info and credit all creators properly when posting photos! 

marketing/promotional calendar