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    the first cup system comfortable enough for football

    & the sport underwear you'll never want to take off

    for too long, football players have avoided wearing cups because the majority of cup systems on the market are uncomfortable and result in shifting which compromises player performance. 

    diamond mma is here to change that. 

    cups are required by many youth leagues

    Avoid the fight and get the cup system that is comfortable enough that your son won't argue when it's time to put it on. 

    zero shifting

    Our patented quad-strap system acts like suspenders, keeping the cup in place against your body without movement even when running, squatting, and moving at all angles. 

    so comfortable you'll want to wear it every day

    Our compression brief sport underwear is so comfortable that you'll want to wear it from the gym and forget you're ever wearing it. 


    We're confident we design and sell the very best groin protection available at any price, and we want you to share our confidence! That's why we back every sale with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

    If you don't like the product, if it just doesn't work for you, if it doesn't fit, contact usand we'll make it right. 

    Compression Jock Shorts

    The most comfortable jock short you’ll ever own.

    The Diamond MMA compression jock short delivers exceptional groin protection without sacrificing comfort. Designed with military-grade elastics and premium-quality construction, our compression jock short will provide you with the optimal protection for high-impact sports.

    The Diamond MMA compression jock short was designed with a high-performance 4-strap jock system and perfectly tailored cup pocket, preventing lateral and vertical movement of the athletic cup for a seamless, perfect fit.  

    • Tight, comfortable compression fit to warm the muscles and provide support during intense physical activity
    • Includes a drawstring for a custom fit
    • 30-day warranty on all compression shorts and jock straps
    Engineered by award-winning designers and Stanford University engineers, the Diamond MMA athletic cup system has been approved by doctors and urologists as the best groin protection on the market. Our products are used by professional athletes around the world.
    Compression Brief
    Hybrid Performance Boxer + Inner Brief
    • Bringing you the support of underwear with the athletic benefits of compression shorts. The Diamond MMA Compression Brief eliminates bunching and unnecessary layering in a supportive, all-in-one design.
    • Complete support during high-intensity training from the tailored inner brief, while the outer compression layer provides optimal flex with every movement.
    • Constructed from ultra-lightweight, moisture-wicking technology, 4-way stretch nylon and spandex to keep you dry for your entire workout.

    The Diamond MMA Brief is not meant to be worn with a cup and does not have a cup pocket. 


    what our customers have to say

    Through many years of baseball, football, basketball, soccer, taekwondo, jiujitsu, and krav maga, wearing a cup has always been a catastrophe in terms of comfort and mobility. Either the cup was too wide and I walked like I had third degree burns on the insides of my legs, or it was so narrow that it felt like being pinched. And any undue movement (like jumping jacks or squats) and the cup slides infuriatingly out of place. Up until I received my diamond cup system, I was using the shock doctor cup+compression shorts system, which was less than fully adequate. Without straps to keep it in places, the cup sat uselessly too high and too far away from my body. To deal with this, I would put on the shorts with the cup, hold the cup in the correct position, and then carefully put two more pairs of compression shorts on top of the cup-bearing pair to keep everything in place. This worked well enough for reasonable functionality, but I did jumping jacks like I needed a hip replacement and every squat was accompanied by terror that the cup would shift. The diamond system, in this context, has been a bloody revelation. The tension from the shorts combined with the straps just keep the cup in place in the right position. I put on the shorts and the cup is automatically correctly aligned without any manual maneuvering and it simply doesn't f*ng move. It just doesn't. Squats, side shuffle, kicks, grappling, jumping jacks. It. Just. Doesn't. Move. I understand that God may be a concept beyond gender, but I am telling you that if he weren't, and if he needed an athletic cup, this would be the one.

    Andrew Katzenstein

    Was skeptical at first due to the fact that I have had multiple nut cups in the past that I ended up not wearing at all, due to improper fit, being poorly made, and lots of movement of the cup. This cup performs well, fits great, zero movement, and is very comfortable. I would highly recommend buying this product. It says that it’s a MMA cup but it’s used for any sport. I’m a high school football and lacrosse player and it works amazing.

    John R. 

    I am 30 and have played sports that have required a cup since I was 5. I was hesitant at first. We are talking about 90 bucks on something I am used to paying about a third of that for. Some of you may think, DUDE IT PROTECTS YOUR BALLS IT'S WORTH IT! Well, when you have been a catcher (baseball, sorry to disappoint) for 15 years, played lacrosse, football, soccer, boxed, and any other sport a suburban American kid can get tossed into, you get used to not only wearing a cup, but it also occasionally sliding around and your grundle bundle getting a little squeezed and pinched in the bizznass. And getting used to the . . . pain it creates while keeping that stoic too tough to question face the whole time as one of your eyes closes and leaks a tear. Because it happens far less often that actually hit in the nuttle duddle, but when the cup slides, and your silly puddy slips out to go in between it and your leg, it is about 5X worse than just getting a straight shot. It sucks. I know how they all feel, and they all feel terrible. So yea, 90 bucks is a touch throw down, but if you know that your bubblegum ain't slipping to the inner thigh with the 'protector' does a reconfiguration, dude it is so worth it.This supporter and cup combo is the first time in 25 years that you no longer have to worry about the movement crush combo. I have at no point had this slide AT ALL. I have occasionally questioned if I have sold my soul to the devil to no longer have such a pain in my life, but no, it is just quality construction. I put it on, I shimmy into it a bit, tighten the waistband (wait there is a string on the waistband of athletic shorts?) cinch the cup in place, and I'm 100% good to go. No. Seriously. It's good. I put it on, I walk to my car, I sit down and drive to class. I get out, have a full Krav Maga class getting hit the whole time without flinching. Go back into my car. Sit down. Get out. Go into my house, drink a brotein shake. Sit and pet my dog after taking off my GI. Rest for a second and let the sweat calm down. Two. Whole. Hours. Movement, sitting, fighting, still in it's spot. It is absolute magic. Then finally take off my stuff and take a shower. At no time am I either uncomfortable, or shifting to resettle my plumbing. This is the first time in 25 years this has ever happened.BUY. THIS. SUPPORTER. It is 100% worth the money. You need more than one? Cool, buy this combo then go buy just the supporter and use the cup on all of 'em.

    Amazon Customer

    see it in action

    Check out our cup getting put to the test below. 

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