The Last Cup You'll Ever Buy, Recommended by Joe Rogan




"Super comfortable. Diamond is incredible. I seriously recommend it. For me, it made a huge difference in Jiu-Jitsu. It took my balls completely out of the equation."

-Joe Rogan



Protect yourself with the cup that Joe Rogan trusts and recommends. Diamond MMA was founded on the principle that there should be no groin stoppages in MMA, and we created a product to protect every fighter and allow them to continue fighting even when faced with a groin shot. 


"Diamond’s figured out a way to make a compression short with all these straps and this cup that is like, sort of, it’s got a rubberized outside but it’s hard as fuck around it and the compression shorts keep the cup right over your junk. You could take full blast shots and---it’s not going to feel good---but it feels WAY better than anything I’ve ever used."

-Joe Rogan



Diamond MMA's patented quad-strap design holds the cup in place, snug to your body. This design eliminates shifting that can be uncomfortable and leave you unprotected when you need it the most. Diamond MMA is so confident in our product that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee as well as a lifetime warranty on our cups. If anything ever happens to your cup, you just need to contact us for a completely free replacement.