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    Rugby Player Would Rather Risk Stitches in his Penis than Use an Athletic Cup? Wow. That’s. Wow.

    Every once in a while, a friend or customer fires us an article that even we can’t read without flinching.

    A few weeks back it was this one. A rugby player, Haydn Peacock, had to get 11 stitches in his penis after a particularly brutal tackle. 

    We haven’t specifically marketed our athletic cups and jockstraps to rugby players—of all the sports our design team’s done including baseball, football and, of course, various martial arts, we’ve never played rugby.

    Given this injury, which can’t be the first groin injury in the sport, would rugby players like to try out our groin protection cups and gear?

    According to another article, coaches would rather see their players wear a cup than wind up missing games. But, Peacock, who plays for the French team AS Carcassonne, counters that protective gear interferes with his ability to run.

    “I showed all the boys and they were pissing themselves laughing. In all of my career I’ve never heard of anyone having anything like that happen – 11 stitches in the dick. It was the game before we played Lezignan in the Cup.

    I remember I had to strap it all up for the next game. I just had to go around it. The coach wanted me to go out and buy a cup but I’m not going to play with a cup, I’m not going to be able to run. I just had to heavily strap it. It’s all good (now). I got the stitches out and it’s all sweet. No dramas.”

    (Read the full article here)


    We have comfortable groin protection & cups even for rugby players


    Of course, we disagree with anyone who says groin protection gets in the way. Maybe back in the days of stretched out cotton jocks and thin plastic cups, but our gear is so far beyond that we’re sure that it would hold up to any sport, no matter how rough, even rugby.

    (As usual, we’d like to hear your stories! Any Diamond MMA loving rugby players out there? Hit us up.)

    Looking for Rugby Groin Protection Cup?

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    2 Responses

    Derek Gill
    Derek Gill

    December 31, 2019

    I’ve played rugby for 15 years and must admit I am one of the few guys who always wears a cup. I’ve just taken too many near blows to go without. And a cup enables me to play with confidence. I wear the Diamond MMA jockstrap/cup and it is fantastic. I’ve worn it for six or seven hours straight on numerous occasions without complaint and the “snug” feeling it gives me makes me feel secure. It also stays in place and has protected me from several knees and direct blows. I swear by it and wear it for all contact sports.

    Steve Wilmes
    Steve Wilmes

    June 04, 2018

    My buddy plays rugby and just punched another player in the face after the player grabbed his testicles and squeezed them hard. He would not let go of my buddy’s package. My buddy said he doesn’t wear a cup, but I recommend that he use the Diamond cup to prevent stuff like this in the first place.

    Personally, I never wore a cup playing any sports because of the pinching and chainsawing that occured. Then at age 45 I started Krav Maga and I bought the Diamond cup and it is the best thing ever. I even wore this cup to a arbitration hearing because I anticipated that something was going to happen before or after I walked in the courthouse. I wore the cup for 8 hours that day and not so much as an uncomfortable moment. I recommend it for all my 300ND clients.

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