• Athletic Cup
  • Jockstraps
  • Briefs
  • Clothes
  • Washing
Diamond MMA Adult Cup Dimensions


6.75" top to bottom, 4" width, 2.25" depth

Diamond MMA Youth Cup Dimensions


5.5" top to bottom, 3" width, 2" depth

compression Short with built-in jock & quad strap jock size chart

youth size chart

performance short with built-in jock size chart

Diamond MMA Performance Short Jock  Size Chart

compression Brief size chart

Diamond MMA Compression Brief Size Chart

Performance short with built-in brief size chart

Diamond MMA Performance Short Brief  Size Chart

rash guard size chart

Diamond MMA Rash Guard

Founders Jacket size chart

Diamond MMA Founders Jacket Size Chart

T-Shirt size chart

Diamond MMA T-Shirt Size Chart

FUN FACT: While washing your jockstrap you can leave your athletic cup in the pouch to be cleaned at the same time! Leave both the jock and cup out to air dry.