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    Diamond MMA creates meaningful, performance-driven products that help athletes perform at their highest level.


    As the sport of mixed martial arts began its meteoric rise into the mainstream, founder Craig Diamond traveled across the country asking the most elite fighters in the world what product they needed to maximize their performance inside the cage.

    Craig uncovered a unanimous call for better groin protection. Seemingly every fighter would vent his frustration that existing cups and jocks were uncomfortable and underperformed expectations. Constant shifting of the cup distracted fighters, impeded confidence, and resulted in painful injuries.

    Diamond MMA: Craig Diamond

    the idea for the diamond mma system is born

    With a goal now set in place, Craig set out on his mission to change the mixed martial arts world forever. What Craig did not know was that this undertaking would not only revolutionize MMA, but all high impact sports in general. 

     Craig’s goal wasn't just to create better groin protection for fighters, but rather to create the only groin protection in the world that would completely take athletes’ nuts out of the equation during competition and training. In essence, Craig’s dream was to make nut shots in sports a thing of the past.

    Empowering people to move freely and always perform with confidence

    Through our relentless pursuit of perfection and obsessive attention to detail in design, the team developed the patented quad strap design that makes Diamond MMA’s system unique. 

     What started as a lifestyle brand for mixed martial arts fighters and fans is now known as the best athletic groin protection on the planet—Diamond MMA. 

     The quad strap system is able to keep our cup in place with zero shifting, eliminating the discomfort that so many athletes complained about with other cups. 

     Diamond MMA is committed to creating products that give confidence back to athletes by allowing them to keep their head in the game rather than focusing on fear of injury. 

    -  the founding team  -

    Craig Diamond

    founder & CEO

    Alex coriano

    lead designer

    Brian witlin

    board of directors

    -  our products  -

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    Quad Strap Jock
    Compression Brief
    Rash Guard
    Compression Jock Shorts