History of The Athletic Cup

In 1874, the BIKE company developed the jockstrap as a sporty support system to protect the goodies of cyclists while cycling. The original name of the garment comes from the word "jock," which means "athlete," and in fact, the words "jeans" (which means athlete) come from the fact of wearing jocks and the strap. [Sources: 0]

The wider use of the jockstrap came when a Canadian company added a hard cup to give the athlete better support for his testicles, penis, and testicles. The first use of a "jockstrap" (also known as a jocksstrap) was to protect the testicles and penis. It consisted of two elastic straps attached to the bottom of an athlete's pants, one on either side of his penis and the other on the top of each leg. [Sources: 0, 4]

The belly guard is normally inserted and constructed from a padded edge in the form of a hollow half - pear. In some variants, the bag can be equipped with a bag that holds a rubber band to protect the testicles and penis from injury. The compression cup box (also called "compression cup box" or "L-Guard") is a hard (mostly plastic) cup that is inserted into the jockstrap to protect the male genitals. [Sources: 4]

Jocks and jockstraps are equally important to boys and men when they play sport and are formally referred to as sports supporters. The "Jockstrap" consists of a rather wide elastic waistband and has a leg strap that is connected to the bottom of the jockbag and runs between the legs of the guy and is attached to both sides of the waistband. From the back, these boys could be interpreted as derriere supporters for the uninitiated, but they are formally known as "athletic supporters." [Sources: 5]

The jockstrap, also known as a "jockbag," "jockbag" or even a "sports bra," is a vest that supports male genitalia during sports and other physical activities. A jockstrap is a man's ball, just as a sports bra is a woman's chest, and a jockstrap consists of two elastic straps attached to a fairly wide elastic waistband at the bottom and a leg strap at the top. [Sources: 1, 4, 5]

The biggest advantage of a jockstrap is the ability to add a protective cup, but in some variants, the bag can be equipped with a bag that holds an impact-resistant cup to protect the testicles and penis from injury. [Sources: 1, 2]

Wearing a cup while playing any high-impact sport is a great way to avoid possible injuries associated with getting hit or kicked in the pelvic area. According to the University of Michigan Health System, high-impact activities or sports such as football, baseball, cricket or MMA carry a high risk of injury. If you are playing a sport where there is a good chance of something hitting you in the groin, wearing a protective cup can save you from severe pain and injury, especially if you are playing sports like football, baseball, soccer, cricket, BJJ, taekwondo or any other mixed martial art. [Sources: 2, 7]

The comfort of the cup, available in both soft and rigid finishes, usually determines whether or not it is worn regularly by athletes. The original need for cups dates back to 1874 when sports fans developed the first cup for football matches in the USA and Canada. [Sources: 7]

The evolution of the jockstrap and athletic cup continued. Over the years there have been many variations in the design of the cup, such as shape, size, color, and finish. [Sources: 7]

Some had bracelets attached directly to the cup and were to be worn like normal jockstrap or briefs, and others refused to use the required abdominal protection. Some cups were worn to hold them in different positions, such as on the back of a belt, under a belt or under a shirt. [Sources: 4]

Over the years Diamond MMA has made major strides in the groin protection industry. Diamond MMA Athletic cup is designed to protect you from the hardest hits to the groin. The Diamond MMA cup is made of a high-tech polymer that absorbs force on impact, while a revolutionary design deflects and distributes the force away from your body. The Diamond MMA jocks provide the ultimate in groin protection for high-impact sports and combat, delivering the most effective groin protection without sacrificing comfort. The jockstrap and cup system is the best groin protection available for high-impact sports such as baseball, football, soccer, MMA, rugby, and karate. For additional security, includes a drawstring that can be used to tighten the waistband to your liking.

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