We owe a lot to Joe Rogan, as he's been a huge supporter (no pun intended) of Diamond MMA for years. He even managed to crash our original website many years ago with his first shoutout of our products on his show. On a recent show with Greg Fitzsimmons, Joe got into just what he loves about Diamond MMA.

Check it out below: 

"There's a company called Diamond MMA and I wear their cup when I do jiu-jitsu. It's a compression short with all these straps built in and this cup, that it's got like a more flexible foam rubber on the outside and then a very hard rubber that covers the, uh, outside edge, rather, and a very hard rubber that covers the sack and the dick and then it fits very snugly to your body. You can get kicked in the balls pretty hard with those on. Yeah, it's a giant improvement. When I was a kid we didn't have that."