Cubs Operations Assistant Loves Our Groin Protection System and is Telling the World—at Least the World of Baseball

With spring training in full swing, it’s a great time to remember that Diamond’s jockstraps and athletic cups work for all athletes, including baseball players.


In fact, last fall we sent our groin protection system to former MLB catcher John Baker, who’s now with the Chicago Cubs as a baseball operations assistant.


He can’t say enough about the gear—and all of it’s good.  In addition to the props he gives us on Twitter he went on record in this article on


Since leaving the field, and joining the management team, Baker’s been training jiu-jitsu.  He loves it.  


In some ways, he says, jiu-jitsu requires the same mental skills as pro-baseball, “you have to let go of pride and focus on technique.”


He also shared that jiu-jitsu, both rolling and hanging out with his training partners, has given him an outlet for his competitive drive.


When he rolls he uses Diamond’s system, but maintains that his nuts were in a lot more danger when he was a catcher.  According to Baker, catchers catch it in the cup on a daily basis.


Which is why he’s telling everyone who plays baseball to gear up with Diamond’s athletic gear.


We couldn’t agree more.


Thanks, John, for taking the time to talk to us and share your experience with our gear!