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Even though Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) doesn't include striking each other, it is quite an intense combat and self-defense martial art sport based on submission holds, ground fighting, and grappling. BJJ involves applying a lot of force to take your opponent to the ground, control him and force him into submission using numerous techniques like chokehold or joint locks. Since no one is always 100% accurate when executing some of these unique BJJ techniques, you can put some parts of your body in the wrong position and end up getting injured. Therefore, wearing protective gear is crucial when training or taking part in any BJJ competition.

Despite being quite helpful in most sports, some martial artists disagree on whether a groin cup should be worn when rolling in BJJ. Below we’ll explain why you should wear a protective groin cup when rolling in BJJ, and what to wear when competing in BJJ competitions where groin cups are prohibited.

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Why Should I Wear a Groin Cup When Rolling In BJJ?

Sparring without a cup is an outdated idea. After all, technology has evolved, and with improved designs and high quality materials, groin cups can fit comfortably. Some groin cups have a bit of cushioning and a soft layer on them to provide extra comfort. They even have a unique shape that makes them perfect for BJJ.

A groin cup can protect you from accidental kicks to your private parts, which may not be as common in BJJ as they are in high-contact sports like MMA and football, but they do still happen in BJJ. Occasionally, a stray elbow or knee can come into contact with your groin region and injure you. Therefore, wearing a groin cup can keep you safe and protected from injuries.

Groin cups can also be quite beneficial to individuals with legitimate medical conditions. If you suffered from past trauma or injury to your groin region, you must be very careful and avoid accidental hits. A groin cup can protect you from testicular fractures, and other groin injuries that can happen in BJJ.

Julian Ames - BJJ

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What Should I Wear Competing In BJJ Competitions?

Since groin cups are banned in BJJ competitions, we recommend that you wear performance shorts or compression briefs when sparring in a competition. 

Compression briefs are hybrid performance boxers with inner briefs that provide the support of underwear with the athletic benefits of compression shorts. Compression briefs are made using ultra-lightweight spandex and nylon with moisture-wicking technology to keep you dry while working out. 

Performance shorts combine proprietary double-layered fabric with exceptional groin protection to guarantee your safety while sparring. Performance shorts also offer built in briefs, but are meant to be worn as an outer layer, instead of wearing a multiple layers while training.

Final Thoughts

All combat sports, including BJJ, can be dangerous. And even though there is no kicking in this sport, people use intense force to force their opponents to submission. Therefore, there is a high likelihood of getting kicked in the groin. 

While some schools insist on their members wearing a cup, BJJ sports have banned the use of groin cups in their competitions. The decision to put on a cup will depend on you and your BJJ school’s requirements, but training with a cup, and competing in a performance short or compression brief, will ultimately help protect your family jewels.

About the author: Sofia Andrews is the editor and content creator at MMA Today. She has practiced Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and boxing. She thinks that BJJ is a great way to challenge yourself with a full body workout while learning self defense. 

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