We wanted to share one of our favorite reviews from MMA fighter Jeff Nader. Follow him on Twitter at @Naderhood

This is Naderhood
So a couple months ago I made a thread asking why the Diamond MMA compression shorts were $110.00 when the Jaco compression shorts were only $49.00. All of the compression shorts in the UG store were in the ballpark of $49.00 or cheaper and the Diamond MMA compression shorts were more than twice the price. I hadn’t even heard of the Diamond MMA shorts before. I asked for some reviews from anyone who had them and several people said they were great but most of the posters thought that $110.00 was a ridiculous price for what seemed like regular old compression shorts.

Well the powers that be over at the Diamond MMA HQ got wind of my sarcastic ass thread and Craig Diamond (the Kirik of Diamond MMA) hit me up on Twitter to offer me a free pair of the shorts in exchange for an honest review that I’d post on the UG. Well honesty is my numero uno policy and my balls are my numero uno priority, thus my review is born.

     1.       These are the greatest fucking compression shorts you will ever wear. I will make that a personal guarantee. What I did not know about the shorts when I made my antagonistically sarcastic thread is that these shorts are a compression short/jockstrap combo. The straps that run inside the shorts help to ensure a custom fit for your frank and beans. And by custom fit I mean that the straps pull the cup into place and keep it there. I normally wear a steel muay thai cup when I spar or fight and a problem I have is that after the first round, my balls are hanging out of the bottom of the cup. It could be because my schlong is too big and takes up all the room in my XXXXXL cup so my balls have no where to go or it could mean that the shorts aren’t doing a good enough job of holding the cup against my pelvis firmly enough. I like to think its both. The straps hold the cup against your body and are independent of the movement in the shorts; meaning that while your shorts are moving around as you throw kicks or sprawl or do a Mark Hunt buttflop on Jason (the mod)’s face, the straps don’t move and are able to keep your biscuits from coming loose, or in my case dragging on the floor.

2.       The Diamond MMA website has a video of Craig Diamond wearing the cup and taking DIRECT kicks in the balls from several people, including some UFC fighters. You have to believe in your product 100% to let somebody kick you in your shit. I’m not talking some laughey jokey kicks, I’m talking legit kicks. So I decided to take some legit kicks to the balls to test it myself. I started with my neighbors 8 year old kid and worked my way up to an adult (my wife) who played college soccer. The only discomfort came from the edge of the cup being pushed against the area around my Palmquists as the cup absorbed the impact.

3.        I think the secret as to why this cup works so well is the edge of the cup. The edge of most cups is coated with a rubber shock absorber that acts as a buffer between the hard plastic of the cup and your pelvic region around your Palmquists. The Diamond MMA cup has a rubber lining that is fused with the actual cup itself. The edge of the cup is completely flexible rubber, not plastic coated with rubber. This seems to allow for much more shock absorbtion. You can literally take a kick to the balls in the middle of  throwing a combo in a fight and not even know you were kicked.

I train quite a bit both for myself and as a training partner for teammates or friends who have fights coming up. I have always been willing to spend extra on quality gear. I’ve also wasted a lot of  money on shitty gear that didn’t live up to its advertisements. That’s a major problem with most of the MMA gear out there, you don’t get to test it out to see how you like it or see if it does what it claims to do. I tend to rely on reviews from people who use or have used a product. After getting my bluff called and having Craig Diamond put his money where his mouth is, I would 100% recommend these shorts to anyone who trains. I just started training again after breaking my hand and I plan to get another pair so I don’t have to wash the one pair I have everyday.