The key feature that sets Diamond MMA’s system apart from the rest is that our athletic cup system does not shift on impact or movement, thanks to our innovative 4-strap locking system. This is the first compression jock and athletic cup system with complete groin coverage and support that guarantees ZERO shifting. Not only that, our system was designed to give athletes an optimal level of comfort and full mobility. You’ll be able to train comfortably for hours on end without ever having to worry about being protected. The Diamond MMA system is perfect for martial arts, baseball, basketball, hockey, lacrosse, soccer, football, rugby, or any other high-impact sport. 

Our athletic cup was expertly designed to allow your genitals to move and breathe in the cup without sacrificing protection. Most athletic cups on the market are designed extremely narrow, which means they don’t protect the entire male package. Not to mention all the shifting that occurred in the other athletic cups we tested.

Our patented 4-quadrant Diamond MMA cup is designed to deflect impact first and then absorb the remaining impact through the rubber in our design. This results in a dual layer of protection for the athlete. Our cups are lined with strong rubber that naturally conforms to the shape of your groin, eliminating chafing and skin irritation. The cup will flex with your body while you move, so all that you’ll get here is a comfortable fit and smooth feel.

If you never want to worry about groin injuries again, you’ve come to the right place. With Diamond MMA’s system, you’ll gain the confidence you need to take your performance to the next level and always stay protected.

In what industries can I use the Diamond MMA groin protection system?

Our system can be used in any profession that requires you to be protected. We’ve tested it in Law Enforcement, Security, professional MMA fighting, and other high-impact sports like baseball, football, soccer, lacrosse, and hockey. With our groin protection system, you’ll be comfortable and protected throughout the day even in the most extreme situations.

How did you come up with the design?

First of all, we were frustrated by the market. Athletic cups and groin protection systems haven’t been improved for years. We knew so many athletes who complained about having to wear a cup because it’s uncomfortable, irritating to their skin, and didn’t offer the protection they needed. So, we gathered a team of world-renowned industrial designers and set out to protect the world from groin injuries once and for all.

We went through hundreds of prototypes and put our designs through thousands of hours of testing. Ultimately, we ended up with the Diamond groin protection system that you see here today. Now we’re proud to say that it’s the most comfortable and protective athletic cup on the market.

Do you offer youth sizes?

Yes! Our Diamond groin protection system is now available in youth sizes.

I can get a Shock Doctor or generic athletic cup for much cheaper. Why is the Diamond system worth the higher price tag?

All Diamond MMA athletic cups have a lifetime guarantee. That means you’ll never have to buy another athletic cup again in your life. We poured our efforts into this design for years because we want athletes to have full protection and comfort in every situation. In our opinion, you get what you pay for. And with Diamond MMA that means the best groin protection system on the market.

Is Diamond MMA only for combat sports or Martial Arts?

Protection should be used in any sport or activity where a groin injury is possible, so we designed our system to meet the needs of all athletes and professionals. Our mission began to meet the needs of fighters from amateur level to the UFC, however we put great care into making sure that the design would be applicable to any situation. Our system is perfect for anyone looking for a great athletic cup with unparalleled protection and comfort.

What guarantees that the Diamond athletic cup will stay in place?

The secret is our innovative 4-strap locking system. This guarantees that the cup will not shift - even in the most extreme situations/movements. It doesn’t matter if you get kicked in the groin by a UFC fighter, have a lacrosse ball thrown straight at you, or get into a serious collision at home plate. The Diamond MMA athletic cup system will always protect you and stay right where it needs to. When we say ZERO shifting, we really mean it.