We here at Diamond MMA are dedicated to giving back to the community and helping the younger generation pursue their dreams in entrepreneurial design and business.

That is why we are happy to announce that Diamond MMA owner and founder, Craig Diamond will be speaking this weekend, Saturday July 26th and Sunday July 27th, at Camp Inc. in Boulder, Colorado.

What is Camp Inc. you ask? Camp Inc. is the premier overnight Jewish camp where teenagers from across the globe come together to explore, exchange, and learn about entrepreneurial ideals.

Through team challenges, tours of local businesses, and competitions, these teenagers learn what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur.

Craig is honored to be one of the many guest entrepreneurs that will be speaking to the campers, as well as being a guest judge in business competitions similar to what you have seen in the popular television show “Shark Tank”.

We look forward to meeting everyone at Camp Inc. and hope to provide the best advice to help mold the minds of the young and talented campers that are attending.

Who knows? Maybe we will learn a thing or two ourselves from these brilliant teenagers!