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Fitness with dal P - Diamond MMA compression brief review

Protect your balls.

What is going on guys Dallas here with a video for you here for the first time. Welcome back to my subscribers welcome I appreciate you and I appreciate you watching this video in this video I'm going to be talking about your balls. So if you're a lady, I mean, you don't really need to watch it. But I mean you can get it for your boyfriend or husband, whoever your significant other I don't really care. But umm yeah this is for the fellas because we have it's like a sports bra for your your your nether region ya know whay I mean? So I know what you're thinking you're like, oh, man, like, I just get my compression shorts and call it a day. You know what I was thinking that too. But I got put on to this dope company is called Diamond MMA and they have some pretty dope compression shirts. Let me explain. So you know how, like, our compression shorts are just normal, they just like, too tight, they hit the hug ya. So you don't get the shaffing for you when you're running and everything, actually let me rewind. 

So you know, if you guys don't even remember, you can go goes my old videos, when I was talking about being 85 pounds heavier. Now, when I first started getting to losing weight and working out and all this good stuff, I actually never wore compression shorts before I never wore it. And then I was doing jumping jacks and like this, this isn't supposed to like, felt like (wonk wonk) you know what I mean? Like it's not supposed to flop like that. It's not supposed to hurt when you're working out. So I'm like, I gotta figure out what I'm gonna do. So I ended up going to the store literally the next day and get some compression shorts. Now I just got some like cheap bonds. And I was like, yeah, these do the job so much better, it's not hurting anymore. And then I upgraded to Under Armour now Under Armour, they're some of my favorites for a while. And I just recently got put on to this brand is called Diamond MMA and I wear size large 215 pounds, I used to be 300 pounds, but that's neither here or there. I'm 215 pounds. And I wear size large for my, my, my shorts and my my compression shirts right at the package. 

I'm excited. I'm like, let's go. I put them on. And at first I thought that they were too tight. But um, what I would actually realize that there's like, it's like so so you know, when you go swimming and it has like that little underwear and then your shorts. That's exactly how these compression shirts are. So they feel tight when you start like once you first put them on, but but then like you have like a ridiculous control. Like I'm telling you like what I like about it is like these shorts are great for if you're doing like CrossFit, running, Jiu Jitsu, MMA, obviously, an array of things, anything for a man that you have to jump, or you're not in a static position, even basketball, basketball, soccer, tennis, football, all that. This is really good compression choice. Check him out. 

I would look look back at some of my videos. And I'll be like doing some jumping movements and like, you'll see some movement because I mean, I'm not looking at my own stuff, but you know what I'm saying, right? Anyway, so here's my underwears. Here, they're right here. They're they're clean, relax, they're clean. So they look normal, right? They're like, alright, whatever. Regular. I've seen compression prints before, but then when you go through them, it's actually like underwear. So you're, you're really secure from here. And then you have like double security. So it's like double compression. This is pretty dope. I really like these a lot. I'm gonna give me a few more pairs of these and put these in my arsenal. And what I like most about them too, is you know, like the the higher shirt because you know, we're wearing higher shirts now because people are squatting more. It's not just about chest anymore. It's not just about Oh, how much you bench, you know what I mean? So, um, we're wearing higher shirts now. So we're exposing our legs. So the inseam, what I like is the inseam isn't too long. So I've noticed that some of my compression shirts to inseam would be too long. So my my undershorts would be longer than my main shorts and now we're like mess it all up. So the inseam is perfect. It has a nice undercarage part and then has the compression for the shorts as well which is pretty dope. 

So if you liked these check it out the link is in the description below. Let me know if you want to see me do some more reviews like this. Let me know what type of compression shorts you wear. If you liked this video, please like subscribe more videos like this is coming soon because we don't get it in. Oh yeah, we're gonna get it in.