Hey, what's up Sean Fagan here from MuayThaiGuy.com and I just want to take a quick second to review this Diamond MMA groin cup. Now I've had fights where I've used compression shorts just like these before, and they didn't really do as much protection as I was hoping. They were the UFC compression shorts, I got kicked and kneed in the balls three times in one fight that's where's my balls weren't too happy with me.

This though I've been using this during sparring sessions mixed in with my other cups just to kind of get a feel for the comfortability and the durability of the protection that each one of them has. And this has definitely been super comfortable and super protective of my nuts, which is very important to me. So if you're looking for a comfortable fit, because the compression shorts here are very comfortable, they have straps on the inside to make sure the cup is nice and tight on top of you so it's not gonna juggle you around or anything. This is definitely recommended and you can't go wrong with it.

Make sure to check out the Diamond MMA Compression Jock Short System when deciding how to protect your family jewels.