Team Diamond's own Eric Fletter was privileged to attend the Fort Bragg Army Combatives Invitational and watch the competition as well as learn from UFC fighter and US Army Sniper Tim Kennedy. 

Eric took some great pictures of the event and 10% of Gross Sales from all Combatives Team orders following the event will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project. This is a great cause. Please check them out and donate! 


 Reggie Contreras & Tim Kennedy    Eric Fletter & Tim Kennedy

UFC Fighter and Army Sniper Tim Kennedy gave a seminar and we gave him some Diamonds!


Fort Bragg 2013 Army Combatives Invitaional Fort Bragg 2013 Army Combatives Invitaional


The early rounds are fought in a submission grappling format, similar to sport BJJ. Women soldiers get a slight weight allowance but compete with the male soldiers in the grappling rounds.

Semi-final rounds are fought Pankration style. Open hand strikes to the head, kicks and closed hand strikes allowed from shoulders down.


2013 Fort Bragg Army Combatives Invitational

2013 Fort Bragg Army Combatives Invitational

Finals are fought with advanced rules - similar to today's MMA standards. 


Jesse Hertzog and Reggie Contreras

Congrats to Jesse Hertzog (left) who won in his weight class, here with SSG Reggie Contreras -both big Diamond supporters!



Diamond MMA Gear

Thank you to the soldiers of Fort Bragg for inviting us to the event and to all the men and women in the armed forces for all the sacrifices you make for us. 

Extra special props to SSG Jeff Yurk who currently leads the 82nd Army Combatives program and did an awesome job running the event.  As well as Nick Grady and Jeremy Hopper who had great fights and both are long time supporters of Diamond! 

Once again, please visit Wounded Warrior Project. to give back to the soldiers.