"I respect every fighter in this building," former EliteXC promoter Gary Shaw told me back in 2008. "Because you gotta have a set of balls to step into that cage and compete."

Figuratively speaking, of course.

But those mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters who do wear the family jewels to each and every contest, historically, have competed with that little gray cloud hanging over their heads (no, the other heads).

I'm talking about the nut shot.

A painful punt to the pills (like this one) can change the outcome of a fight. Not just for the recipient, who is likely to lose a little pep in his step, but for the deliverer, as well, who may no longer be willing to throw inside low kicks for fear of losing a point.

Thanks to Diamond MMA, those days are over.

I had a chance to speak with CEO Craig Diamond about his next-generation cup, and how it succeeds where most groin protectors fail. But before we get started, you should probably check out this insane low-blow video featuring UFC veteran Erik Koch, where the revolutionary Diamond MMA gear is put to the test.

I probably winced at least three times.


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Written by Craig Diamond

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