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Diamond cups are 100% BJJ approved.  Some of the most common jocks and cups on the market include Shock Doctor, Ace, and McArthur to name a few.  These brands do a decent job, but not the best.  I have used many different types of jocks, cups and compression shorts in my 11 years of BJJ and none of them come even close to Diamond. The technology is brilliant and they fit without any of the common hassles, such as looseness, irritation, pinching of you know what, and changing shape.

Diamond's compression short/jock strap combination is very snug and comfortable and won't ever feel loose during use.  This is made possible by the straps on the inside of the compression shorts as well as the ones on the outside.  Another great thing is that these shorts will last for a long time even if you wash them 3 plus times a week over and over like I do.  My past jocks always ended up ripping or falling apart after about 4-6 months, which has me going back to the store to buy another.  The cup itself is also comfortable and won't shift around like most of the ones you will buy at a typical sports store.  The last thing you want to fiddle around with during training or competition is the adjustment of your cup.  The sides flex as you move, which makes it easy to transition between different positions.  The flexibility of the sides also prevents any of that annoying irritation I mentioned above that you can get from a cheap plastic cup.  Along with that, the front of the cup is made of a hard sturdy plastic that erases the worry of hurting your jewels.  I have had cups crack on me in the past and this is one thing you won't have to worry about with a Diamond.  Trust me, a cup that cracks is no don't want a little skin to be pinched haha.  Lastly, these cups don't morph or change shape.  My cups in the past used to get narrower as I used them more and more.  This is what eventually lead to some of the cracking, also resulting in another new purchase.  The Diamond cup and jock system work very well together to make all this possible and exceed any of the expectations of your everyday sports store support system.

I have been using Diamond cups for about a year now and I haven't used anything else.  I'll admit that I was skeptical about paying the price for a Diamond, but our gym is full of Diamond users and they all swear by this brand.  Craig has visited our gym numerous times and has even been kicked straight in the groin by UFC fighter Erik Koch.  After this took place there was no doubt in my mind that I had to get myself a Diamond.  Whether you train or compete in BJJ, MMA, or any sort of contact sport, get yourself one of these ASAP.  Once you use a Diamond you won't want to protect yourself with anything but a Diamond.