How is Diamond MMA’s athletic cup system so different?

Unlike other compression jock and athletic cup systems that shift, cave in, and bend upon impact, Diamond MMA brings athletic protection and comfort to new heights. The new Diamond MMA system offers athletes superior protection and comfort. It provides athletes of any sport the first compression jock and athletic cup system which completely covers, supports, and protects the male genitalia while guaranteeing ZERO shifting. Whether you are playing baseball, basketball, hockey, lacrosse, martial arts, soccer, softball, football, rugby, or any other sport, the Diamond MMA compression jock and athletic cup system will offer total protection to your family jewels.

Our protective athletic cup allows the male genitals to ‘move’ without restriction, while still fully protection the man. Our competitor’s athletic cups are designed extremely narrow, which never fully protects the whole male package. Competitor athletic cups also ‘float’ around in compression shorts or jocks often times shifting when moving or impacted. The Diamond MMA system features our patented 4-strap locking system that secures the athletic cup in place, guaranteeing ZERO shifting. While most athletic cups are designed to just protect the male genitals, the patented 4-quadrant Diamond MMA cup is designed to first deflect impact and then the Diamond rubber will absorb the remaining impact. This creates a dual layer of protection. While most competitor athletic cups are lined with plastic which chafe and irritate the users skin, the Diamond MMA athletic cup is fully lined with a strong rubber which naturally conforms to the shape of the users groin offering users the most comfortable fit and feel.

Competitor cups have not had design changes or improvements for years. You no longer have to suffer from groin injuries that your great grandpa suffered from. While most athletic cups offer some form of protection, Diamond MMA cups take an athlete’s nuts completely out of the equation enabling athletes to maximize their performance. The Diamond MMA athletic cup system will help athletes stay completely safe in every sport.


In what industry can I use your groin protection system?

The Diamond Athletic Protection System can be used in any profession. Our system has been tested and used in Mixed Martial Arts, Combat Sports, Law Enforcement, Security, as well as active high-impact sports such as baseball, football, soccer, lacrosse, and other sports.

Our patented 4-strap design keeps the Diamond Athletic cup locked in place, secure to your body, and prevents shifting in even the most extreme movements.


How did you come up with the design for Diamond MMA?

Athletic cups and groin protection systems have not been redesigned or improved for years. Athletes have been wearing the same groin protection system for many years. Fighters continually complained that their current athletic cups were uncomfortable, shifted or caved in upon impact, chaffed and irritated their skin, and offered relatively little to no protection.

Our team of world-renowned industrial designers recognized this problem and decided to put an end to groin injuries by creating the Diamond System.

Hundreds of prototypes and thousand of hours of product testing later, the Diamond System was born. The worlds most comfortable and protective cup which features our patented 4-strap locking system that guarantees your athletic cup will not shift no matter what movements you make.


How is the Diamond System different from other groin protection products?

Unlike other athletic cups that shift and cave in upon impact, the Diamond System is guaranteed to NEVER shift. Here’s how it works:

The tailor-made athletic cup pocket with four straps attached to the waistband holds the award-wining Diamond Athletic Cup in place. Unlike other products on the market, this takes your nuts completely out of the equation. Constructed to deflect impact, absorb pressure and ergonomically shaped to flex with your body during movements, the Diamond Cup design is the perfect balance of comfort and protection.


Do you offer youth sizes?

We have developed and are currently completing a youth jockstrap and athletic cup line that is targeted for release in Fall 2016.


My high school son does not wear a protective athletic cup when he plays sports. Should he?

Athletic Cup Protection is always paramount. Athletes at all levels should be wearing proper protective athletic gear and this most definitely includes an athletic cup. The reason he does not want to wear an athletic cup is likely due to the restrictive nature or uncomfortable athletic cups he has worn in the past. However, the Diamond system is designed and proven to not just be the world’s most protective design but also the most comfortable. When worn properly, your son will forget he is even wearing a cup.

Athletes need mobility, comfort, and protection on the field. The Diamond system is the latest in protective gear that will not restrict movement when running, jumping, or sliding.


I can get a Shock Doctor or a general athletic cup for a lot less money. Why is the Diamond System more money and is it worth it?

While the Diamond system is more money, it is well worth the investment. All Diamond cups have a lifetime guarantee. The Diamond system is unlike any other athletic cup in the market. While other athletic cup systems are mass-produced and poorly designed, the Diamond system requires over 12 machines to be manufactured. The Diamond system is handmade and is the only cup system that features our patented 4-strap locking system. You can be confident wearing a Diamond system knowing that even if you are hit, you will not go down.


Is Diamond MMA only for combat sports and Mixed Martial Arts?

Athletic cups and protective gear should be used in every sport because testicle and groin injuries are serious. They are also more likely to occur during amateur or "pick up" games. Diamond MMA began by recognizing the need for effective groin protection in the world of combat sports, but the design works for any athlete seeking a great athletic cup and full groin protection. While the Diamond system is used by the majority of UFC fighters our athletic cup system is designed to protect athletes participating in all sports including hockey, lacrosse, football, baseball, etc. Wherever there is likelihood of injury, athletes should wear the proper protection.


Will the Diamond MMA Athletic Cup stay in place?

Our 4-strap locking system is designed to keep the athletic cup locked in place guaranteeing ZERO shifting in even the most extreme movements. Whether getting kicked by a professional fighter, sliding into home plate, getting hit with a lacrosse ball, or nailed in the “family jewels” by a fastball, you can be confident your cup will never ever shift.