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The athletic cup market is full of protective gear that does not effectively protect athletes in high-impact sports. Cup shifting during activity is a major problem and severe injuries continue to plague sports where groin protection is required for competition.


After years of designing, developing, and testing, our Compression Jock and Athletic Cup System was born. Our patented quad strap technology keeps the athletic cup locked into place with zero shifting.The Diamond MMA system eliminates all vulnerable positions and gives you the confidence to always perform at your best.With Diamond MMA, you never need to worry about your manhood again.

What We Solve

about testicular injuries: 

Testicles are easily injured because they are not protected by muscle or bone. The main types of possible injuries include impact from a moving object (for example, a kick to the testicles), impact from hitting an immovable object (for example, a fall onto a hard surface). Always use protective equipment such as a jockstrap or hard cup while playing sports.

Out of all athletes


report experiencing a testicular injury

groin injuries account for


of all athletic injuries

out of all sports-related groin injuries


require inpatient hospitalization

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