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    Founding Team

    Diamond MMA was founded by a group of athletes and designers committed to solving the issue of groin injuries in high-impact sports. Professional mixed martial arts is full of time-outs due to painful shots to the groin. These moments break the flow of a fight and are disruptive to the spirit of competition.

    Our team set out to solve the issue once and for all.

    After years of deep research into human physiology, materials science, and high-impact sports, it became clear that no athletic cup system on the market was capable of protecting athletes in high-impact sports from all potential injuries. Recognizing the need for a groin protection revolution, the Diamond MMA compression jock and athletic cup system was born. Our innovative design draws on the expertise of professional fighters and athletes around the world.





    Craig Diamond

    Founder and CEO

    Alex Coriano 

    Lead Designer

    Brian Witlin

    Board Of Directors