We asked UFC fighters what their advice would be to someone who is new to training MMA. Here are their responses:

“Train hard but ultimately train smart; It’s not a sprint. Your career should be seen as a long distance run. Tap in training so you can improve, and work hard to not have to tap or take damage during a real fight.”

“Finding a good gym with a good coach and decent training partners is the first step in becoming a good martial artist...and always invest in a good cup!” 


"Just because it's not fun doesn't mean you get a pass. The things we struggle with usually have the highest return in terms of growth.”  


“Stay in the gym and stay prepared. This allows you to take risks and seize opportunities.” 


“Keep a 50/50 balance of training and recovery.”


“Never stop believing and working for your dreams. You don’t deserve anything, the only thing you deserve is what you earn!”


“Don’t overthink the fight. Hands up, chin down. At the end of the day, all you’re trying to do is beat someone up.”


“Let other people make mistakes for you and learn from them so you don’t make the same mistakes later.”


“Trust the process, embrace the struggle, and take care of your body.”