Recently Yankees fans became highly disappointed when the star player Luis Severino's come back got delayed a month. Severino was assigned a minor league rehab assignment when he got a right groin injury. The player wasn’t able to put any weight on his right leg after the injury and exited the league while grabbing his crotch.

For years, Baseball has witnessed many such cases where the star players decided to go without a cup in the field, resulting in severe injury to their sensitive parts. As per research, nearly 59% of male players have suffered from groin problems and injuries. Another article states that catchers wear protection cups while outfielders don’t. However, 25% of the infielders also avoid wearing them.

Today, let's scrutinize some baseball key players who thought they are brave enough to go cupless on the field.

The 1997 Incident
Josias Manzanillo Adams, a former MLB player, was one of the first players who suffered from a groin injury. He suffered from a grisly injury when pitching for the Seattle Mariners. Instead of wearing a protective athletic cup, Manzanillo believed in the power of a cupless game. He was accidentally struck by a line drive off the bat of Manny Ramirez.

The incident of his groin injury resulted in ruptured testicles, which needed immediate attention. However, Josias Manzanillo proved to be made of steel; he recovered, threw out a runner at the plate, and then jogged off the field all alone. Later, Manzanillo got admitted for emergency reconstructive surgery.

2009 Injury
Some players love to go without a cup in the field, taking major chances. Adrian Beltre took a chance back in the 2009 during a game when he took a hard hit to his groin. While playing against White Sox, Seattle's Beltre suffered from a groin injury after Alexei Ramirez caught him in the sensitive area.

Beltre, avoiding his injury, continued playing the remainder of the 14-innings game. This torture resulted in a severely contused testicle with extreme bleeding. Adrian Beltre was instantly placed on the disabled list and rushed for surgery. However, after recovery, Beltre continued playing without groin protection as it was uncomfortable for him.
2010 Sharp Hit

2010 Contused Testicle
In 2010, Orioles pitcher Jake Arrieta tried to pick off Carl Crawford, a four-time All-star baseball player at first base. The throw from Arrieta hit Crawford in his groin area, resulting in a painful, contused bleeding testicle. Carl Crawford laid on the ground for several minutes, writhing in pain with indescribable words.

The player walked gingerly and was transported to a nearby hospital via an ambulance. Spectators were astonished to witness the incident as no one had any idea Crawford was not wearing an athletic cup during the game. Carl Crawford was lucky enough that he recovered easily, but sadly he dismissed the idea of wearing a cup in the future.

2013 Another Groin Injury
Some people never learn from other's pain. Jordany Valdespin, a second baseman, and an outfielder, got hit by a 94-mph fastball from Justin Verlander in 2013. Taking things for a risky turn, Valdespin decided to go cupless in the field, where later he paid severely for his cocky behavior.

Valdespin was lucky enough not to suffer like Adrian Beltre and recovered from the injury soon. But to great surprise, Jordany Valdespin took an oath to wear groin protection no matter what. He learned his lesson the hard way but commits to be sensible next time.

2016 Bad Hit
The former professional baseball infielder Juan Uribe suffered from a bad injury. During his play in 2016 against the Angels, Uribe took a sharp hit from Mike Trout in a place where you would never want to get hurt. Trout's 106 mph off the batted ball hit Uribe in his groin. The incident was so sudden that Juan Uribe got no chance to react.

He crumbled with pain on the ground, rushed to the hospital, where he was diagnosed with a testicular contusion. Juan Uribe doesn't wear a protective cup because, as per him, the groin protection manufacturing companies don't have his size.

2018 Traumatic Hematoma
The sizzling catcher Yadier Molina representing Puerto Rico is the latest victim of a groin injury. Molina got hit in the crotch by a foul-tipped in 2018 from a 102-mph fastball from Jordan Hicks. Yadier Molina got injured when trying to catch the fast-paced ball. Initially, Molina tried to walk it off, but the pain intensified quickly. Yadier Molina was diagnosed with traumatic hematoma and required emergency surgery to recover.

The Bottom Line
Not wearing groin protection isn't heroic at all. You are jeopardizing your career and life, resulting in life-long disability and crisis. When hit with a ball, you will suffer from unimaginable pain: the faster the ball, the higher chances of suffering from indescribable pain.

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