What is the first thing that people want to do in the new year? Make a change! A new year, a new you and some new gear too! Every new year kindles hope and desire for change. 2020 was not so awesome, we are all looking forward to a fresh start in 2021.

Is there anything that you have wanted to try but haven't had the time? Have you ever wanted to get into jiu-jitsu, muay thai, karate, taekwondo? Or boxing, baseball, football, or any other sports? Why not? It’s a new year, you should try doing all the new things that you want to and challenge yourself!

When getting into a new sport you want to make sure you have all the right gear to protect yourself. We’ve assembled a list of products that will help enhance your performance, keep you fully protected, and help you focus on your fitness goals while working out.

The Diamond MMA Athletic Cup is the LAST CUP YOU'LL EVER BUY! No really, we have a lifetime warranty on all of our athletic cups. That is how confident we are you will love our product.

The Diamond MMA Athletic Cup is custom designed for repeated impacts while participating in contact sports. You can take a direct hit to the groin with no recovery time needed. The Diamond Cup geometry deflects and distributes force evenly. The soft elastomer edge minimizes vibration and chafing. Eliminate the possibility of permanent injury to your family jewels.

The Diamond MMA Quad Strap Jock and Compression Jock Short provide the BEST groin protection, guaranteed! The patented four strap design creates tension holding the athletic cup flush against your body when moving. Zero shifting is guaranteed, all while providing maximum support and comfort.

Our Diamond MMA Compression Brief is a supportive brief for your daily workouts (no cup necessary). Our hybrid performance boxer with an inner brief brings the support of underwear but with the athletic benefits of compression shorts (reducing muscle soreness and aiding in muscle recovery). The Compression Brief is constructed from ultra-lightweight, moisture-wicking technology making it so you stay dry through your whole workout.

The new Diamond MMA Performance short is available in two styles; brief and jock. The performance short is designed to be worn as an outer short, stopping the need to layer up. Fun fact - compression material in your workout gear aids in reducing muscle soreness and muscle recovery. The Diamond MMA Performance Shorts are made from a 4 way moisture wicking technology allowing for premium compression support and stay dry during your entire workout!
The Diamond MMA Performance Jock short provides the same groin protection as our Quad Strap Jock and Compression Jock short. The short is built around the 4 strap jock providing the same premium protection.

The Diamond MMA Performance Short Brief is a supportive sports brief that can be worn during your daily workouts. The performance shorts briefs are perfect for workouts in the weight room, running or anytime you do not need to be wearing an athletic cup.

Diamond MMA products give you the green light to go all out in your sport without fear of groin injuries.
We want to help you achieve your goals this year. Start the year off right by providing yourself with groin protection you can trust. Diamond MMA products are designed by experts that focus on providing top notch groin protection all while focusing on premium materials and maximum comfort. 

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