Great Article About Diamond MMA's Game Changing Groin Protection System

The journey of Diamond MMA as a company, our gear, and the history of jockstraps are all part of an article recently posted on

"Craig Diamond believes that his company, Diamond MMA, has designed the best athletic cup ever. And he’s got the balls to put his own testicles on the line to prove it."

The thing is, we couldn't take part in a piece touting the benefits of our gear without making sure that guys know why they need great groin protection.

"Which brings us to actual injuries. Things that are more than pain, and may indicate major damage, like bruising.

“A hematoma, bleeding inside the scrotum, we want to avoid that.” Says Mark T. Wichman, M.D., who specializes in orthopaedic sports medicine and is team doctor for the Milwaukee Admirals, a professional hockey team."

(For more about hockey injuries, see our FB post about a recent slap shot to the nuts)

What do you think?  Is free balling okay under some circumstances or do you gear up every time?

Check out the full article and let us know what you think!