Hey guys, my name is Julius Anglickas, I'm a professional from St. Charles MMA, and today I will give a review about Diamond MMA cup system.

I got to use this cup in my last fight. I got to fight for LFA title back in February and I have to say that this cup was much, much better than all other cups that I tried before. Before I used cups from other sporting goods stores or from Walmart just something cheap. And I have to say the quality of this one is much much better and it felt great and definitely have to give it credit. A high-quality cup is important for combat sports such as MMA, because one small mistake could take out of the fight. So don't go for cheap, low-quality stuff that could malfunction and could possibly take you out of the fight. When I used cups in the past usually they did not come with the compression shorts, or if they did, they were very low quality. But this one they put a lot of extra time in designing the compression shorts and the cap itself so if it's all perfect, it goes around your body very nicely and when I use them in my fight, it just felt great. It felt like the best stuff I've ever had. There isn't really any cons about this usually people don't like wearing crap so that's pretty much the only thing about it. But all the pros is just how is design how well it's fit it's not moving around and it definitely stands out then the cups. I highly recommend this product to anybody who do contact for us either fighting or football or anything else. I got mine and helixxsports.com so check them out. Thank you guys for listening to me. My name was Julius Anglickas and please follow me on social media.

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