It's Fights like Shamrock Verses Gracie the Make Us Want to Get Our Gear to Everyone


When we first launched Diamond MMA, we put together a series of marketing videos guaranteed to prove that we’d designed a groin protection system that beat the old school “jockstrap plus plastic athletic cup” competition hands down.


So, as the controversy continues about whether or not Ken Shamrock’s TKO loss to Royce Gracie in the first round of Bellator 149 was due to nut shot, instead of weighing in, we’re moving forward with our campaign to make sure that every athlete has the best possible protection for his package.


Starting by re-launching our videos here:


If watching us slam our cup with a sledgehammer doesn’t convince you that we’ve built a better cup, we invite you to order one and give it a try.


Diamond MMA is so confident in our product that we offer you a lifetime guarantee on your athletic cup. If you have any issues with it you can contact us and we will send you out a new one free of charge!” (You can buy the cup here.)


It’s uncomfortable to watch anyone take one on, near, next to, or directly on top of a cup.  But when it’s a much-anticipated fight, between two veterans in the sport, and a nut shot ends the fight, that’s not just painful, it’s painfully disappointing.