At Diamond MMA, we pride ourselves in protecting the family jewels of men and limiting testicular trauma. Some men choose to get a vasectomy to ensure they aren’t able to father any more children, and we support you if you’re in that group! Luckily, Diamond MMA has you covered post-procedure. Here are a few tips for men to make the process a bit easier if you’re the type who loves working out:

  1. Frozen peas. Sounds silly, but it’ll provide you relief in your sore nether regions.
  2. Limit activity during the first 24 hours post-surgery. Try to schedule your procedure during a time when you can watch non-stop TV for a few days, like during March Madness or when your favorite show releases a new season.
  3. Wear a bandage or tight fitting underwear (such as our Compression Brief) for the first couple days.
  4. Do not participate in strenuous physical activity for AT LEAST 4 weeks after your procedure. If you’re a runner, it’s recommended that you wear a jock strap for a week after that. You can check out our Quad Strap Jock here.
  5. Don’t overdo it. Do you really want a doctor rooting around in your crotch again?