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"I forget I'm even wearing it"

"Wow. What an amazing product.I trained Krav Maga for about 5 years and this cup has saved my future kids' lives countless times since I found out about it a couple years ago. 

It is seriously so sturdy but so so comfortable that sometimes I forget I'm even wearing it.I spar with it, grapple with it, and have never had a single problem... 

I used to use Shock Doctor's cups before I found out about Diamond and in one instance, I was grappling, took my partner's back and the Shock Doctor flexed backwards into me and the pain was excruciatingI don't know what they make the Diamond cup out of but I wouldn't be surprised if there were diamond IN it. This thing isn't flexing or going anywhere once you put it on.I'll never use another cup for as long as I live!Thanks Diamond MMA, you saved my nuts!"

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