Diamond MMA gear is put through a lot of trials, tribulations and abuse. Then again, that's their job! From being kicked, beaten with clubs, run over and even shot, Diamonds are constantly tested -either intentionally or through use in tough situations. It's Diamond's job to get you through with your boys safe, sound and snug. One of the situations where Diamonds had to perform in a new and unique situation was when Diamond's own Head Designer Alex Coriano wore his Diamond Cup System while competing in Tough Mudder -the world's toughest obstacle course!

The Tough Mudder events are aptly named. They're grueling ten to twelve mile (18-20 km) obstacle course challenges designed to test strength, stamina, mental fortitude and teamwork. Some of the twenty-five obstacles include crawling through muddy tubes, climbing over twelve foot walls, jumping into the "arctic plunge" (a shipping container filled with ice), and getting shocked with high voltage electricity. Competitors will get challenged and they will get dirty and knocked around. It ain't figure skating! In such a brutal event you don't want a cheap cup that might not do its job and could distract you with discomfort. Wearing a Diamond Compression Jock system in this competition is just a smart move.

Coriano completed the unforgiving twelve mile muddy and rocky course with the help of the most supportive and effective groin protection in the world. "It really helped having the Diamond Cup to protect myself through all that rough terrain and obstacles. Especially the rocky army crawls and getting over those walls", he said. We can only assume he was talking as much about mental walls as actual ones. Ask anyone who wears Diamond and they'll agree that you feel more confident knowing the boys are safe!


Diamond MMA proves to be one Tough Mudder F-er!