Diamond MMA in April FIGHT! Magazine

We've had Major League ball players wear our athlete protection compression shorts-jock strap combo, but we always get a kick when someone in the space we started in, MMA, enjoys our product. While he's not a fighter, Gilbert Melendez Sr. rocked our strongman t-shirt in the April issue of FIGHT! Magazine, featuring his son, Strikeforce lightweight champion and elite UFC 155-pounder Gilbert Melendez on the cover. Thanks to the Melendez family for all their support and for Gilbert's action in the cage. Don't forget to check out the great story by Steven Marrocco. 

Diamond MMA Supporter Cain Velasquez Defends Heavyweight Belt at UFC 160

When the UFC calls Cain Velasquez the baddest man on the planet, it's not just promotional hype. Velasquez was a two-time All-American wrestler for the ASU Sun Devils and a junior college national champion wrestler. He's the reigning heavyweight champion (11-1) and the first time he fought "Bigfoot" Silva (18-4), he blooded and beat him before the first round ended. It's hard not to remember that before their rematch at UFC 160 this weekend, but Silva knocked out Alistair Overeem something fierce and wants to even the score against Velasquez. May the best big man win. Should be a great night in the octagon.

Gilbert Melendez vs Benson Henderson

Gilbert Melendez fought for the UFC lightweight title, going five rounds with champion Benson Henderson in April. He came up short in a close contest and Henderson tied the octagon's record three title defenses in the division. Melendez has avenged two out of three career losses (Henderson is the only fighter with one up on him). 

James Head rocking Diamond at UFC 159!

James Head is a tough as nails welterweight fighting this weekend in New Jersey at UFC 159. On the undercard of Jon Jones-Chael Sonnen light heavyweight championship fight, the Oklahoma native meets Nick Catone in the Jersey wrestler's backyard.

UFC Flyweight Contender John Moraga protects with Diamond MMA

John Moraga has two finishes since coming to the UFC at 125 pounds. That was enough to get a title shot. Little guys may not tip heavy on the scales, but we know they are pound-for-pound when it comes to heart, athleticism, technique and all the elements that make MMA enjoyable. Just like teammate UFC lightweight champion Benson Henderson, John Moraga of John Crouch BJJ is a Diamond protected fighter. 

Best of Luck to Diamond Supporters Bart Palaszewski and Josh Samman at TUF 17 Finale Tonight!

Tonight Urijah Faber and Scott Jorgensen battle it out in the main event of what should be a fun card in Vegas for the TUF 17 Finale. On the undercard, TUF 17 semi-finalist middleweight Josh Samman fights grappler/rapper Kevin Casey and Bart Palaszewski fights Cole Miller at 145-pounds. Samman and Palaszewski will be wearing Diamond MMA in the octagon tonight to protect their groin and avoid any of those pesky 5-minute recovery periods after taking a stray low kick to the nuts. Samman fell short in the TUF tournament to Kevin Gastelum, will be looking for his first UFC win, and Palaszewski tries to bring a win back to Curran MMA.