Where Diamond Protection Was Needed

We at Diamond pride ourselves on our premium groin protection cup. Built into a compression short jock, we offer a complete safety system for the most valuable of your...Diamonds, for all athletes, from mixed martial arts fighters, boxers, baseball players, and any other sport where a low blow can halt the action and make spectators squirm. 

An Ode to the NBA's Charles Oakley - One of the Toughest Players Ever

As athletes transition off the basketball court and onto the golf course for retirement, it's important to remember just how tough these guys really are. One of our favorite examples is Charles Oakley. He is one of the top 20 all-time players when it comes to activity with over 1,000 games played. That's a tough ass career for the former all-star to be battling on the boards with the likes of Horace Grant and Charles Barkley. Oakley famously played for the Knicks, but he also balled for the Bulls, Raptors, Rockets and Wizards. He was the player happy in the trenches, an enforcer on the basketball court and a hardcore power forward. 

Legendary Ref "Big" John McCarthy is Waiting for a Kick in the Nuts!

Not really, but Diamond (@DiamondMMA) reached out to one of MMA's most prominent figures, "Big" John McCarthy, and he likes our design and feel. He's just been lucky enough to avoid a nut shot so far. Once he does get hit down there while wearing Diamond, he'll realize the product's full protective potential. We are honored that a man who's spent his entire career protecting professional athletes would enjoy our safety gear! 

Coriano Drops in with Melendez, Diaz Before UFC FOX Fight April 20

Diamond MMA's Alex Coriano hit a night time roll with 155-pound champ Gilbert Melendez and TUF 5 winner Nate Diaz. Coriano wrestled at Purdue and designs our cups to keep fighter jewel's safe on fight night, whether they are on FOX in title fights like these guys or wearing thai shorts or wrestling singlets.