Pat Curran Regains Bellator Featherweight Belt -Wearing Diamond

Bellator 112 in Hammond, IND. on Friday March 14 2014  saw some good Welterweight Tournament fights on the card but the most anticipated bout was surely the Featherweight Championship rematch between Pat Curran and the man who took his belt, Daniel Straus. We all have seen the skill, determination and deadly accuracy that that made Pat a champion....

Diamond MMA is One Tough Mudder

Diamond MMA gear is put through a lot of trials, tribulations and abuse. Then again, that's their job! From being kicked, beaten with clubs, run over and even shot, Diamonds are constantly tested -either intentionally or through use in tough situations. It's Diamond's job to get you through with your boys safe, sound and snug. One of the situations where Diamonds had to perform in a new and unique situation was when Diamond's own Head Designer Alex Coriano wore his Diamond Cup System while competing in Tough Mudder -the world's toughest obstacle course!

Team Diamond Visits Tim Kennedy at the Fort Bragg Army Combatives Invitational

Team Diamond's own Eric Fletter was privileged to attend the Fort Bragg Army Combatives Invitational and watch the competition as well as learn from UFC fighter and US Army Sniper Tim Kennedy.

Eric took some great pictures of the event and 10% of Gross Sales from all Combatives Team orders following the event will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project. This is a great cause. Please check them out and donate! 

Throwback Thursday - Steel Bar Crotch Shot!

It's hard to believe this was from 4 years ago. Diamond has come a long way but it was thanks to doing crazy stuff like this and putting his nuts on the line that helped Craig Diamond develop the best groin protection on Earth! And rest assured, Craig is still willing to do these outrageous and scary "stunts" to make sure Diamonds do what they're supposed to do. 

UFC's James Krause introduced to Diamond by Joe Rogan

If you saw UFC's Fight For the Troops a few weeks ago, you no doubt remember the bizarre fight between Lightweights James Krause and Bobby Green. Green kicked Krause low twice in the first round prompting referee, Big John McCarthy to take a point from Green. Then late in the round Green throws another kick that instantly drops Krause. Some confusion ensues as Big John waves off the fight. Will this be a disqualification win for Krause? A No-Contest? McCarthy then rules the kick legal and awards Green the victory via TKO. 

Fightshark Mark Miller

If you said you had a tougher life than Mark "Fightshark" Miller or overcame more with any comparable strength and determination, let's just say I'd be pretty skeptical. Once upon a time, Mark was considered to be the future of American kickboxers. He was a rising star. Then things went bad and then from bad to worse. He was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect and was told he needed open heart surgery to replace his aortic valve. Soon after his surgery, he lost his father, mother and brother one after another. But Mark was determined to compete again despite the open heart surgery, an eight year lay-off, the horrific personal tragedies and the fact that by combat sports standards, Mark was not a young man.