Diamond MMA Review: Champion Grappler Denny Prokopos

Denny Prokopos is usually good for a laugh. The young grappler is Eddie Bravo's first black belt in the 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu system and the head instructor at 10th Planet San Francisco. He also grapples with MMA champions Gilbert Melendez and Jake Shields too. As a world champion submission fighter, we were pleased to hear from Denny on Twitter that he likes our Diamond cup's protective ability and that, like us, he has a sense of humor about it.

Omar's Jock Review

Diamond cups are 100% BJJ approved.  Some of the most common jocks and cups on the market include Shock Doctor, Ace, and McArthur to name a few.  These brands do a decent job, but not the best.  I have used many different types of jocks, cups and compression shorts in my 11 years of BJJ and none of them come even close to Diamond. The technology is brilliant and they fit without any of the common hassles, such as looseness, irritation, pinching of you know what, and changing shape.

Review: Diamond Compression Jock System

So a couple months ago I made a thread asking why the Diamond MMA compression shorts were $110.00 when the Jaco compression shorts were only $49.00. All of the compression shorts in the UG store were in the ballpark of $49.00 or cheaper and the Diamond MMA compression shorts were more than twice the price. I hadn’t even heard of the Diamond MMA shorts before. I asked for some reviews from anyone who had them and several people said they were great but most of the posters thought that $110.00 was a ridiculous price for what seemed like regular old compression shorts.

Well the powers that be over at the Diamond MMA HQ got wind of my sarcastic ass thread and Craig Diamond (the Kirik of Diamond MMA) hit me up on Twitter to offer me a free pair of the shorts in exchange for an honest review that I’d post on the UG. Well honesty is my numero uno policy and my balls are my numero uno priority, thus my review is born.

Interview with Lead Designer Alex Coriano

How did you get into martial arts and what was the main thing that hooked you?
I grew up wrestling and competed at the Division 1 and international freestyle levels. After moving to California 10 years ago, I decided to take a break from competition to start working full time as a designer. I quickly missed being on the mat so I started coaching part time mostly to stay in shape and give back to the great sport of wrestling. That’s when I started meeting BJJ grapplers and MMA fighters who would come into the room looking to improve their take downs which influenced me to start training MMA. It’s the ultimate form of competition.